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Full list of activities and details

    1. Community
        a. Employment of Local Staff
            i. 95% of our staff are employed locally from Koh Yao provinces, aiming to provide stable income for the local community to grow and prosper
            ii. Staff receive training on site, both in hospitality skills and English. These skills can always be taken
        b. Children’s Day Support
            i. A national day of celebration for upcoming generations. Schools typically hold events and fairs to celebrate the day.
            ii. Second Saturday of January we support the local school with a booth where children can win toys, school supplies and larger prizes such as bicycle. 
        c. First Harvest
            i. The first harvest is held anywhere between November and January, the community gathers together to collectively take part of the first harvest of rice. The governor and other high-level representatives all take part.
            ii. The resort often participates in the harvest with the staff and invites guests to join the community in celebrating the first harvest
        d. Local School Support
            i. There are multiple schools in the Koh Yao district and although, as a resort, we try to refrain from donating cash to local school we do find ways and help our partners support the local schools.
            ii. We have teamed up with partners such as SKAL and Bangkok airways to convert our old water tanks in toilets, supported the building of a new canteen, and a wash room for the prayer room, in addition to other donations such as school supplies and computers for the children.
        e. Red Cross/National Disaster Support
            i. As a resort we actively try to provide support to those in need. December of 2018 Southern Thailand was hit by record floods. We quickly cooperated with local officials to provide as aid and supplies, such as clean drinking water to the areas affect.
            ii. In addition to responding to national disaster struck areas we regularly donate supplies to the Red Cross, with linens, cushions, refrigerators, and bicycles
        f. Local Businesses and Products
            i. We try and highlight the local products and business of the region. The national initiative, One Tambon One Product breaks down even further. To local villages specializing in a specific product that they can create and sell. You will be able to find such products in our gift store and market store.
    2. Environment
        a. Ecological Standards and Accolades 
            i. Travelife Gold Award: Travelife is an internationally recognised accommodation sustainability programme. Their Gold Certification is awarded to Travelife members that continue to meet their standards in the areas of human rights, labour, community engagement and environmental impact. 
            ii. Tui Environmental Champion: Another international recognised award for hotels that work particularly hard to protect the environment and exercise their social responsibility
            iii. Green Hotel Award (Silver Class): A Thailand award from the Department of Environmental Quality Promotion and Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment for hotels that meet the standards of resource and energy consumption.
        b. Oceans for All Blue Pass Member
            i. Partnered with the Oceans for All Foundation in aiding their mission to help protect our oceans and waters in Thailand, by calculated by our carbon footprint and donating to their coral farming project.
        c. Water Conservation and Sustainability
            i. Water is a precious resource. The natural cycle it goes through impacts so much of the environment around us. Hence why we have taken steps to make sure we try to minimize any negative impact we have on its cycle
            ii. We source most of the resorts water from natural ground springs. Once water is used it is filtered and treated onsite to them fill our reserve tanks for gardening. Once dispersed back into the ground it returns through its natural filtration cycle refilling our water sources.
            iii. During times of drought we use coconut husks to protect most of the exposed vegetation and it aids in retaining water for the soil
        d. Waste Management
            i. Reduction of waste is extremely import, we separate our waste into four distinct categories: Compostable, General, Recyclable, and Hazardous.
            ii. Most of the waste is compostable, feeding precious nutrients back into our gardens.
            iii. General waste is also processed by our incinerator on site, that burns at extremely high temperatures reducing harmful pollutants that would have ended up in landfills
            iv. The resort collects roughly 4500 kgs of recyclable waste every month.
            v. Hazardous waste is also properly collected and disposed of with specialized companies.
        e. One-time-use plastic and PHIST 
            i. Both resorts are looking at abolishing one time use plastics. Things such as; straws, plastic bags, plastic bottled water, disposable cutlery, and so on. We have currently taken note of our inventory and will be finding substitute solutions to this very permanent problem and aim to be one-time-use plastic free by the end of 2020.
            ii. Joined PHIST (Phuket Hospitality Industry Sustainable Tourism) 2018 rally cry to reduce plastic waste in the region and implemented some of their best practices.
        f. Plastic from Plants
            i. In an effort to substitute plastic straws, we now only use compostable and biodegradable drinking straws that look, feel and work just like traditional oil-based plastic. However, they are made from 100% plant-based starch to create a fully compostable, biodegradable carbon neutral product.
        g. Glass bottling
            i. We will slowly phase out the plastic water bottles by the end of 2020 and replace them with glass bottles. These bottles are filled with clean drinking water by a company in Krabi.
        h. RefillMyBottle Station
            i. In an effort to support a longer-term commitment by guests to not use plastic water bottles, we will have a refilling station located in the Paradise KohYao reception area as well as sell reusable bottles for guests to use during their stay. 
            ii. The RefillMyBottle app will suggest to guests during their travels other locations where they can refill their reusable bottles around the world.
        i. Trash Hero
            i. Working alongside other resorts on the island, such as Six Sense Koh Yao, and the international movement, Trash Hero, to teach local communities the consequences of being careless about waste and how to reduce waste.
            ii. We try and involve guests on a monthly basis to join in the local community clean ups and motivate people to become Trash Heroes in their everyday lives.
        j. Recycling and Upcycle
            i. Precious Plastic Phuket
                1. We collect most of re-useable plastics to donate them to Precious Plastics Phuket or other artist in local areas to then be re-created into sellable items such as, tiles, contains, phone cases, jewellery or decorations.
            ii. Tlejourn Flip Flops
                1. After flip-flops supplied to our guests and staff get too worn down, we donate them to Tlejourn, who in turns recycles them into new slippers, flip-flops and shoes.
            iii. Sundowner Bar
                1. Guests can relax in our retired staff transfer boats now, now converted to comfortable sitting area for the beachfront bar.
        k. Home Grown
            i. We grow a lot of produce right at the resort, with a steady stock of morning glory for our staff canteen. Other produce that can be found at the resort depending on the farming rotation is watermelons, mushrooms, bananas, papaya and many of our own herbs, vegetables and spices are grown in the resort gardens.
            ii. Maximizing our efforts in the garden also allows us a great opportunity for recycling food waste, even the collection of used eggs shells for fertilizing the garden soil
            iii. Although what we produce is very limited, we do look to local farmers and supplier for other things. The morning Thai desserts are all supplied locally, and much of the rice comes straight from the fields on Koh Yao Noi.
        l. Hornbills Study from Mahidol University
            i. The resort was recognized as a key location for monitoring the near threatened species of birds and learn more about their feeding habits and nesting behaviours.

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