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The Oriental Pied Hornbill, classified as a Near Threatened species, are one of nature’s observers. They will not return to areas that are too heavily disturbed by human developments. We are lucky at TreeHouse Villas and Paradise KohYao that they have chosen to stay with us and can be seen throughout the resort in large numbers. The Mahidol University has even noted our local environment as a key point to observe the natural healthy behaviours of these majestic birds. They are always overlooking the changes we make and the impact we have on nature. Their watch is a humble reminder of the importance of the balance we must maintain with our natural surroundings, to never take more then we need and to give back where we can.

The Hornbill Watch is an avenue where we can consolidate our efforts to both educate our guests, partners and staff of our current activities and programs but also to get them involved in leaving a meaningful positive impact on the environment and community.


Embody ourselves as caretakers and guardians of our environment in order to establish a healthy symbiosis with nature while leaving a positive impact on our local community and staff.


Mind My Habitat

About the Program | Hornbill Watch
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Hornbill Watch

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